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My System Specs

Default ASUS Vulcan ANC WOW!!!

So got the Asus Vulcan Headset for the wife today.... WOOOW!!! their sound quality kills my Steel Series 5HV2's. The Noise Reduction is amazing my kids have the TV cranked behind me and I cant hear it at all.
The bass is so crisp as well as the Treble.

Thought I would try them for gaming, They draw you right into the game.
Crysis 2 I can hear where every shot is coming from.
SCII I can feel the pain of every Marine Dying a bloody death.
CoD I feel like I'm drawn right in,I can hear every foot step of my approaching prey as they turn around the corner to see a Assault Rifle Between their eyes and my Kill Cam to follow.
Starwars the Old Republic, the Accents come through vividly the voices are crisp and clear, Blaster fire can be heard from miles away.

If you want to truly be immersed is greatness, If you want to know what it feels to hear nothing but the Cries of your next Victim, Go, Go NOW and get your Asus Vulcan headset you will not be sorry :)

They did not pay me to say all this
But in all honesty these are amazing going to get a second set for myself as these are the wife's
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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