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Default Preliminary watercooling parts list.... any thoughts?

Hi guys. I'm looking to watercool my computer. 2 GTX 470's and cpu.
I'm looking mostly to just make things a little quieter as I know little about overclocking. A little wiggle room would be nice if I decide to take it up though.
I have little room in my case for rads but I'd like it mostly contained inside. I should be able to fit the dual rad on the top inside of case.
I currently have a corsair h70 on the cpu that will go away to make room for another rad if needed.
If I go with another rad, would it have to be a separate loop or can it just be a separate rad in a 2 radiator single loop?
Also, the quieter pump is...? d5 or ddc
VGA blocks -Aquacomputer 2X GTX 470

CPU block -Aquacomputer cuplex kryos pro

Reservoir -XPSC Dual bay / D5 pump

Radiator -Alhphacool nexxxos xt45 dual 120mm.... or
-XPSC EX240 dual 120mm low profile

SLI Connector -Phobya 2 slot (or 1)... or
-Aquacomputer SLI bridge

Fittings -phobya 3/8 x 1/2 compression fittings- black nickel
(buying 4 straight, two 45 degree and two 90 degree... should be enough)

Case -Cooler Master HAF 922

PSU -Ultra X4 750 watt

Motherboard -Asus Sabertooth 990FX

CPU -AMD 1055t
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