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The side quests you get from overheard conversations are terrible. Theres next to no information on them which makes figuring out some of them quite difficult. What makes it worse is some of the stuff you are told to find is in random missions, found one on tuchanka for example.

N7 missions are also not that great, just the multiplayer maps for single player. Journal has gone back a few steps though, its extremely basic and I keep opening it and finding myself halfawy down my list in all my completed ones. They feel like and are just filler. I should add to this that planet scanning is extremely tedious as planets spin extremely slowly and when you do find something a little blurb pops up bottom right and thats all.

Maps are useful, especially on the citadel, I still get lost in the presidium commons though....

I like how characters move about and arent stationary, I've found Garrus everywhere from the main gun, to the cockpit, to wandering around by the elevator. Is it strange that EDI scares me even more this game.

Though, I hate having to be connected to the internet for DLC still. WHY? I just want to play a bit of SP on my laptop today and found that while I could play the game I couldnt play the DLC (which is what I wanted to do.)

Soundtrack is also superb. But I was sand to find my Normandy Lithograph slightly damaged, not sure what I can do about that though.

Edit: I would like to request that we keep as many spoilers out of this thread as possible, am really enjoying the story so far and dont necessarily want to avoid this thread.
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