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stock clocks, the 7950 is better of course, it has more shaders and all that fancy stuff, so for games that need the extra memory, extra shader power and such the 7950 is quite a bit better(reference clocked) HOWEVER, the 7870 can overclock VERY well, and even with games stressing the shaders and such, the clock speed difference puts the 7870 virtually on the neck of a reference 7950, so, bang for buck, power draw etc, 7870 is by far the winner, outright performance(with factory overclock, or doing it yourself, heck even stock clocked) 7950 is just superior but, does not have nearly the same bang for buck or power draw leadership. Wait to see what happens in a few weeks when Nvidias Kepler is released, the prices should drop accordingly, then the 7950 might be a gem and 7870 an amazing powerfull low cost alternative :)
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