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I had a good conversation today with some friends.I explained what we were trying to accomplish as far as a fair scoring system for the chimp challenge.I used 'drag racing' as an example.

In proper drag racing , they don't try to pit a 7 second car against a 12 second car.They establish 'brackets'.

I then asked about a fair method of ranking the 7 second cars against the 12 second ones without brackets.(This is what the chimp challenge is.)

Here's the responses I got :

The first suggestion was to use a 'multiplayer' version of the Elo ranking system used for chess.

The second was about the ranking system used in the game 'go'.

It's quite possible that these ideas have been discussed already amongst the captains.I have no idea.

From the conversation I had today though , I feel we don't need to make new rules.I think we need to find a game that best matches the "Chimp Challenge" and use it's rules.

It's possible there's even a real 'drag racing' setup for this already.


I have had no response from HP......but my email's being flakey so who knows.


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