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When I used the Windows 8 Customer Preview I saw quite a bit of potential for it in a tablet. Being able to use the "same" app on my PC and tablet would be great for me, especially since the crowded app market for both Apple App Store and Android Market contain so much garbage that doesn't use standard formats.

I'd be sold on Windows tablets if they don't end up "locked" requiring you to trash your hardware because you can't upgrade the software (i.e. what most smartphones and tablets backed by smaller companies do). Yes there's hacking, but I don't know any community I can trust, especially when I'm entering passwords into my tablet.

That said, Windows 8 isn't out yet, and 2 quarters is still quite a bit of time in the mobile industry. We're to see Android 5 and iPad 3, the former very likely before any Windows 8 tablet, and the latter will be in the wild before any Windows 8 tablet. In that same note, if Research in Motion doesn't release something spectacular for the PlayBook, Windows 8 will destroy them shortly after release.
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