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My System Specs


This is why I have placed all my chips in Google's basket and I have gone to Android for my needs for nearly everything. The only thing truly lacking right now in Android is printer support. The main reason I am going this way is that while Windows always will require more costly hardware, Android will do it's thing on much cheaper stuff.

No interest here for anything Windows. I don't like paying for an OS. I was very unsure of tablets when they first came out but ever since I got my Transformer with the dock I have never looked back. I won't argue that Windows 8 could be the BEST tablet OS, but I guarantee it will be the most expensive and will require specialized hardware as well.


I just found Printshare that not only connected to my HP J6450 wireless printer instantly, it also works perfectly for my needs. This was my last hurdle! Cost me $13, but worth every penny not buying a new printer!
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