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Default Do gaming mice have durable scroll wheels?

I've only been using generic mice up to this point, and what I noticed was that I tend to replace them due to the scroll wheel not working correctly anymore. 2 out of 3 past mice that I used had dead or near dead scroll wheels after a year or so, and the one I'm currently using is about to go the same way. I'm thinking of buying a new mouse, and I'm willing to shell a few extra bucks for a quality one this time around, but I wanna get some feedback first just to be sure. The ones I used in the past lasted at least a year, and a couple of them lasted around 2 more years, so I'm looking for something that's gonna keep longer than those over a price premium.

I actually haven't browsed for any specific models yet, so any advice would be welcome. As for my preferences:

Button and wheel lifespan: 3 or more years. I'm not really a heavy gamer, but I do scroll and click the middle button usually when I'm browsing the net
Wireless: definitely no
Extra buttons: welcome, but not really necessary
Laser/Optical: I prefer laser, but optical is fine too
Size: I'm looking for something I can rest my palm completely on, not the smaller ones intended for 'claw-grip'. I apologize for not having numbers for dimensions at this time

I don't really abuse the mouse too much. Busted scroll wheels aside, I'd say the old ones I replaced were still working perfectly. I only had 1 case where I replaced it due to the left click feeling different already, and it was 1 of those that lasted more than a year.

Thanks for your time, guys. Have a nice day.
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