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Default So... Windows 8 on tablets

Who wants a Windows 8 tablet. I know I sure dont want it anywhere near one of my main machines but I think it has real posibilities as a Tablet OS. Admittedly I have yet to use it on a tablet or touchscreen device but one with an intel/amd chip so I can use full windows apps (legacy if you must) as well as all the Metro. The ability to stick to 1 eco system for my pc and tablet would be great but despite what they say they've got 2 different platforms pushed together. Windows 7 for example is not going to be able to run Win8 apps even in a window.

See this is what bugs me, Metro is great for touch, but its terrible anywhere else. If I had the ability to have a tablet that ran 8 but when I plugged it into a monitor with m/k amd got win 7 I can see that being a system replacer for some. I'm sure this is what Microsoft is trying to do but theres too much blending currently for it to appeal.

At the moment I'm on the bench here because right now I dont even want to support 8 at all, but at the same time I think it could be the best tablet OS yet.
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