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My System Specs


I know a few buddies that have games and such installed on thier SSD, I myself do not, I have limited the SSD to ONLY having on it what needs to be on it, mostly due to having only 58gb usable after format.

Generally, information, programs, apps etc that are always changing, are not best to be on SSD to begin with, games are not the best thing to be on them, but most games do not change their info much, especially older ones, so they are probably "fine" for not chewing up write cycles.

I think the biggest thing, no matter what you have on the SSD, as long as you give it enough space to do its trim and garbage collection, then you probably do not need to worry much. Example, for me of 58gb usuable, I have remaining 23+gb more then enough room for the drive to do its thing and stay "fresh" if one uses the old concept of 65% used rest free, then you are probably more then fine to do "almost" anything, and you shouldn`t notice degradation of speed/life on properly designed SSD
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