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My System Specs


I give kudo to AMD, they are not striving to make the absolute fastest card out there(can tell by the transistor budget and the shaders as an example) they seem to be more content on driving performance up, but knocking power, and temperatures down, while also driving visual quality up.

The $ is a touch high, but then again, there is no "real" direct competition to the 7800 and 7900 series cards right now, I am 100% positive, when Nvidia releases Kepler and it performs the way Nvidia has been stating, I am very much sure the prices will drop accordingly.

Kudos to AMD for releasing these as fast as they could with the performance they did, it bode well for being a VERY good $ once thier competition releases, hey, at least thier numbering goes back to what it should have.

i.e 6870 was not faster then 5870, but 7870 is faster then 6870 by quite a bit, and costs more for now) which makes sence :)
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