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Originally Posted by Misoprostol View Post
Bought my processor there and was supposed to get a memory stick free with processor. I sent them an email after I purchased the cpu informing them that another store had it for 3 dollars less(never asked them to match the price). One week later I recieve my cpu minus the free memory stick, I emailed them and was told because they matched the competitors price(which I never asked to be done) the promotion for the free memory stick($33 value) was cancelled. Damn--if I would of even know that would I have asked for a price matc(which I did not)-don't think so-----so NCIX----------------is banned for me-never will do business with them again and will tell alll about it,lol. I got the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro for $23.32 at DirectCanada AND the shipping was also cheaper-------------DirectCanada is now the online store of choice-super service and super prices with super delivery---------------TOP NOTCH.
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