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Originally Posted by Writer View Post
I'd really like to see a review that tests the 7870 in crossfire at 5760x1080. A comparison between two 7870s, two 7950s, and two 7970s would be very helpful.

Does BF3 need the extra GB of memory at 5760x1080? How much do settings need to be relaxed between the three combos to be smooth at that res?

I'm still using a single 5870 which has been a great card, but it is absolutely not powerful enough to run all three monitors in BF3...takes half an hour to get into the game, then gives a steady .01 FPS. :)

I knew adding the third monitor for eyefinity would start me down a slippery, help me figure out how much the ride is gonna cost. :)
I've been meaning to add a CF article but that won't happen until I move to the new test system. Unfortunately, the changeover has been delayed due to some odd issue that has so far killed two 32GB memory kits...

Originally Posted by BVickery View Post
Great review. I actually sat down and read nearly the whole thing (I normally just read the game benchmarks, but actually skipped those and focused on what was under the hood).

Now, between the two would you say the 7870 was the better card in price per performance scenario (IE bang for the buck) or would you say the 7850. The 7850 seems it due to the cost right out of the bat, but seems to be that the 7870 had a lot more horsepower.
IMO, the HD 7850 is the better buy. However, if you have $400 to burn, I suggest you look a bit downmarket and got for the HD 7870.
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