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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Decided to install it to my desktop tonight...

Definitely more usable than with a VM, but still not sure about Metro. It requires more mouse movement than the classic start menu that we've all grown to love/hate. Could be partially due to my 2560x1440 resolution though.

Native USB3 drivers are nice too, lessens the need to install drivers out-of-the-box.
Hmm I didn't notice the added drivers as the desktop I installed it on was so old even Windows 7 had all its drivers. I definitely agree on more mouse movement for Metro, even if you use some of the hotkeys available in the help menu (e.g. Windows Key + F4 instead of Alt + F4 to close Metro stuff?!?). It can't beat the Windows Key + <type in 3-6 letters of the program you want> + press enter to launch anything that's indexed that Vista and 7 gave.

What I can't get about the Metro thing is why the "desktop" is considered as one "app" even if you happen to have multiple windows open in it. It breaks what ALT+TAB and even their new application switcher are designed to do. Is the "desktop" supposed to be a place to run "depricated" applications like Windows XP mode in 7 or the old DOS command prompt window in Windows 95/98/Me?
Also, where's the ribbon / Metro in Visual Studio 11
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