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Wow, i didn't event know about simcity 5 until i read this.

I played most of the pc versions except 3000. I played lots of simcity classic and simcity 2000. I really loved simcity 4 (especially during night shifts ).

I played a couple hours of societies, i didn't liked it very much although i didn't hate it either. I just like to deal with a much larger amount of sims and developpement to cover than to check how many creativity i have to produce in order to construct the movie theater...

I also played Cities XL (after it went full offline), and i loved the game, seriously. But for some stupid reason, they decided to go single threaded... So when i reached a certain number of population, the game started to chop, and i had one core of my CPU maxed... So i stopped playing the game. They are on their third release of the game (citiesxl 2012) and they still didn't fixed that...

Anyways, so much typing to say, sim city 5 = DO WANT!
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