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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
You're correct in that my desktop monitor is 60Hz. My 46" TV is 120 Hz. I've tried gaming on it to see if I could detect a difference in the FPS, and didn't notice one. And I made sure VSync was off in the games I tried too.

Glad to hear you're happy with your purchase though.
Yeah, what Yukon said. There's a big difference between True 120Hz and Interpolated 120Hz. Your TV actually runs at 60Hz, and basically "Guesses" the in between frames in movies/tv or media that is runnings < 60 FPS (Movies/TV run at 24fps). Games that run >60FPS on your TV would not look any smoother as it only runs at 60Hz. On a monitor with True 120Hz, it's very noticeably smoother.

When running a movie on a True 120Hz monitor, there's no "guessing" of in between frames. Movies look like movies, not smooth and odd looking.

One thing you might notice using your 120Hz setting on your TV is that during fast moving scenes on Movies/TV and games that run <60 FPS (Often Xbox games, or PS3 games) you might notice artifacting, this happens when the TV isn't able to pre-process the image fast enough and essentially the picture can look like this for a very brief moment:

Notice how the Crosshair looks garbled? That's due to the TV not being able to process the "guessed" frame quick enough.

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