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My System Specs

Default Intel Core I7-3820 Overclocking

Just wanted to share some of my overclocking experiences with anyone who may be trying to overclock their 3820 or who may get one in the future.

I was finally able to get my system stable yesterday with a 4.625GHz overclock. I am using a corsair H80 for cooling. I also have all 8 dimms filled with Corsair 4GB Sticks for a total of 32GB of vengeance ram rated for 1600MHz. I am using an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 motherboard in my system.
The Vcore is set to 1.36 but on load it will bump it up to 1.376. Ran Prim 95 on Each Setting for 12 hours to make sure this overclock was stable.

BCLK: 125
Multiplier: 37
Memory is set to 1666Mhz with 9-9-9-27
Vcore: 1.36v
VTT CPU Voltage: 1.125v
Second VTTCPU: Auto
CPUVCCSA Voltage: Auto
DRAM Voltage on both Channels: 1.5
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.81250
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled

DIGI+ Power Control Options
CPU Load-Line Calibration: High
CPU Current Capability: 130%
CPU Voltage Frequency: Auto
CPU Fixed Frequency: 300kHz
VRM Over Temperature Protection: Auto
CPU Power Duty Control: T.Probe
Vcore MOS volt. Control: Auto
CPU Power Phase Control: Auto
CPU Vcore Bootup Voltage: Auto
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