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The OP is going to have to decide IF gaming is number one priority or not. In the the price range he is talking about....its going to be a 24 TN or a 23" IPS. 6bit -usually LG based - IPS is going to be the graphic design option.....the 23 Dell is a damn good choice. TN...well its TN and this good for gaming but less than great for design work. The u2312 has some ghosting just like its 24" brother so it aint perfect for gaming. I do however like it a LOT and consider it the better deal compared to the 24" model. Honestly, IF you want a good all rounder that can do gaming decently and do design work decently, it would be a good choice...BUT it will not provide the buttery smooth gaming experience a 2ms TN monitor can. Pick what you plan to USE it for, then chose TN or IPS...then chose the size. Lastly chose the brand as most use similar panels.
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