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My System Specs


Decided to install it to my desktop tonight...

Definitely more usable than with a VM, but still not sure about Metro. It requires more mouse movement than the classic start menu that we've all grown to love/hate. Could be partially due to my 2560x1440 resolution though.

One interesting point is that it only comes with .NET4.5 installed, .NET3.5 and below is now optional via Windows Features. A co-worker of mine today had mentioned that he thought .NET4.0 was the end of .NET, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Customer Preview includes Hyper-V as well as Storage Pools. Not sure if this will make it into all SKUs though. It lacks Network Teaming though like Server 8.

Native USB3 drivers are nice too, lessens the need to install drivers out-of-the-box.

It would seem that IE10 has some auto-correct functionality too, like if I'm typing and mix up letters, it'll fix it for me. Though it did freeze while attempting to post on Google+. And after posting this, HWC lost the majority of it's CSS. Clearly they have some work to do still.
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