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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
No sense of humour eh, sorry about that then.

On topic anyways, I think you shouldnt do the same name that you've used before or that others have (Behemoth). I think Sventevith could give it a rather interesting ring.
I do have a sense of humor. I just Dont have Yours.

my behemoth was the original 4p on this forum, and the first one to use the name as well :P.

Originally Posted by FreeKnight View Post
I like Atlas, but if you want to keep the emphasis on a 'big creature' name and want some ideas;
- Leviathan
- Nidhoggr (Dragon that chewed on the world tree in Norse myth)
- Typhon (The creator of monsters in Greek myth)
- Ymir
- Tiamat
Some of those other names are taken (aka Leviathan by Dead_things). I suppose Behemoth is still the winner thus far.
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