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Default temp issues and sli problems

Okay I built my first rig last week and I have spent a great deal of time attempting to cool it down. The idle core temps are about 48-50c (when oc'ed to 3.35) which seems far to hot to me considering my heat sink. My GPU's idle at around 46c and 50c which again seems to hot to me. Could any of you offer some advice to a system builder noob?

For my SLI problem I started testing frame rates using HL2 ep.2 and I was achieving around 120-130 fps average. This seemed all fine and dandy to me until i took one of my GPU's out to manage some cables Now the frame rate is incredibly intermittent, jumping from as low as 40fps to 130fps within seconds. The problem would seem to be sli turning itself on and off. But both GPU-z and the nvidia controller say my sli is enabled. So any advice for this problem?

Thanks in advance
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