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Stress testing makes sure your OC is super stable. Very bad if you're in the middle of something important and your computer randomly blue screens or restarts without warning. Stress tests will push the hardware to it's maximum set limits the only thing I can think of for testing via bios is mem testing but that's only to make sure that your memory has no errors. But it's an absolute must to stress test your CPU and GPU via programs in windows to make sure they will perform properly no matter what you're doing. I'm kinda like charlie I'll stress test with prime95 for a day then folding at home whenever I'm not using my computer. Prime is a good initial stress tester but I find folding needs a much more stable machine(I've passed prime and failed folding in 5 mins fixed with one notch up on the voltage). Also make sure your friend stays within safe(recommended) temps and voltages for the specific hardware because hot temps and/or too much voltage will damage components.
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