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My System Specs


The importance of the stress test is to know for sure that your PC isn't going to blue screen on you when you're in the middle of something important. If you test the machine at 100% for hours, you can be sure that it's not going to BSOD on you when you're doing up an important document.

While the computer could be stable enough to run normally, you never know if it's stable enough to run properly. It could give out on you at the worst time.

Also, it's to test temperatures, running it at 100% lets you know how much temperature head room you have, how capable your cooling is. Gotta factor in running video cards at 100% also to make sure your case can dispense heat.

I wouldn't run an overclock unless it was stress tested for at least an hour, depending on your goals. If it's a folding machine, test it for longer, 24hrs even, since it's going to be running at 100% often.
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