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My System Specs


Thanks for all the input everyone gave me. This is what I have come up with for my system.

Case- NZXT Tempest (Same case from a previous build). I am currently designing a cube case in Inventor, that I am going to build at my buddies machine shop, will post pics in mods folder when I start machining.
CPU- I7-2600K
Cooler- H80
M-Board- Asus Sabertooth P67
Mem- 32gig of Mushkin and Ripjaws
Video- 2 X Twin Frozr II GTX 560 Tis
HDs- 1 Corsair 90gb SSD; WD Black 500gb for apps and so on.
OPtical- BluRay reader; Asus dvdrw
PS- Corsair HX750

I know the cable management is kinda bad, but I do not plan on using this case but another 2 weeks, untill I get my custom one completed.

Currently overclocked to 4.8ghz, Max temp 60c normally 22c, video cards idle at 32c and peak temp is 65c while gaming a few hours, temp is cooler while rendering.

Thanks again
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