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Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
I was the first to give all the bad comments about it, but I use it for few hours in VM, and now it's on a real PC. When you get use to it, it's faster than 7 to find a program, no need to scroll the list. With a second monitor, in the extended desktop, the task bar icons are duplicates, so you can run software like office there and use the main screen for the metro apps, it's really cool. Task manager is well design. It's not something everyone will find easy to use at first, but when you take the time too learn the short key, it's not bad at all. But if they live it like this for the pro and enterprises editions, I don't see how they will sell it to them.
They can just stop selling Win7 licenses.

Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
For example, the start button. For the most part it may not be the most efficient way of getting to 90% of your programs but the search function is housed in there, my links to my computer and control panel are gone, a quick list of recently used apps is gone. Having to go to the metro interface to search is outrageous and increases how long it takes me to search for anything. The start menu also houses where the turn off computer button is. For some reason the only way i've found of doing this in 8 is to log out and then click the power icon.
Well, you can add links to stuff on the taskbar:

For frequently used apps, the idea as that you pin them to the start bar. I only started pinning tasks a few weeks ago in Win7 - it's much better if you knock the preview hover delay down to 0.

You can also get to the power button from hitting settings in the charms bar.

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