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Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
not sure why people are complaining about little details....

I was perfectly happy not using the metro interface in windows 8; its just windows 7 with slightly different graphics.

but in all honesty, Windows 8 is a 'plumbing' version. It is being released because developers need a live platform to build applications on. As well, microsoft needs a tablet OS...

there are two modes for a reason; USE THE DESKTOP.

remember, if Vista never existed, then 7 would have been what vista is.
LITTLE THINGS? Have you tried to use the desktop mode? The shoehorning of metro onto us is the least efficient way of getting stuff down with a mouse and keyboard. They've tried to give us some keyboard shortcuts to get around this but....

For example, the start button. For the most part it may not be the most efficient way of getting to 90% of your programs but the search function is housed in there, my links to my computer and control panel are gone, a quick list of recently used apps is gone. Having to go to the metro interface to search is outrageous and increases how long it takes me to search for anything. The start menu also houses where the turn off computer button is. For some reason the only way i've found of doing this in 8 is to log out and then click the power icon.

Forcing us mouse/keyboard users to go to a touchscreen centric interface is crazier than forcing touchscreen users to use windows 7. I have yet to find a way to get anything done in 8 without having in some way to resort to the metro interface.
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