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yeah, I am also disillusioned by DDEs but when it comes to bioware they shove enough in game stuff for it to be close to worthwhile still, if you really cant get the CE anywhere anymore. The day1 DLC, worth 10, and alt appearances + more weapons in addition to the digital versions of real life objects. Might be considered worth it, but then again it should still be cheaper than the boxed version.

Edit: Reputation in Mass Effect 3 BioWare Blog is well worth a read. Explains the new Reputation system that effectively replaces the Paragon/Renegade system. With this new system you still have Paragon and Renegade choices but your not forced to follow on the entire route, you can now mix paragon and renegade choices and still be able to use the later game ones as well.

Basically Paragon and Renegade scores are added together with another neutral reputation score to create this new score, higher your reputation the more likely important people are going to listen to you when you shove guns in their faces or try to get them to compromise.

I personally think this system is much improved over both ME1 and 2s system and look forward to creating a Paragon character who is able to make the hard choices when it comes to this war.

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