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My System Specs


Hey Rob :)

I have done multiple Xtreme Music LM4562 opamp upgrades with BG cap replacements and have done one livebay upgrade that somehow went sideways. I replaced the opamps on the headphone and RCA input and lost RCA functionality and I am still trying to figure out what went wrong on that one. I will get to the bottom of it tho.

I have also done opamp replacements on my Xonar D2X (center/sub, and rear surround) but was harder than I anticipated as it is difficult to remove the stock opamps as they are surrounded by caps.

My prelude is virgin as I am pretty happy with it in stock condidtion, and it will most likely see digital duty when I get my home theater in full swing when I get my new house later this year.

All-in-all I find these mods very fun to do and have great results if you use due diligence and the correct tools.

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