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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Oh and their search sucks. So in the "start menu" I type in "user account" I look over and what is there nothing for search returns, why? Well because it is only showing the results for apps, I have to move down and click on settings to see the results under settings and then I can see it, oh but did I mention that on the machine I have it installed on the side bar where you type is partly covering up the results. I would take a screen shot but it appears like I can't take a screen shot of the search results with the snipping tool because if I even alt-tab back to it, it just shows the snipit and the desktop completely hiding my results.

Ok here are the screens:

Yes... this is the most annoying thing EVER. In windows 7, I just type what I need and press enter right away without seeing what's selected. 90% of the time it gives me what I want. Now..... oh god...
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