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Originally Posted by Mars View Post
Do you guys use the start menu for clicking on stuff, or for searching?

I'm just wondering, because the start menu is not efficient for clicking around, I can see why they'd want to change that up.

The problem I suspect I'll have, is that I currently have the start menu on a secondary monitor, so if I want to open something, I hit the windows key and type it out - I don't even have to look over at the monitor to see the menu open. Covering my multiple monitors with the start screen any time I hit the windows key isn't going to be an improvement over this.

There's a preview of Windows Server available as well, also with no start menu.
I use very few programs but the Start menu is something I use religiously on a day to day usage from finding programs to control panel etc etc.

And god why would you remove the start menu from a server OS?
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