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Yea, I found it.

Oh and can someone tell me what the devices option is for? I mean the one that comes up when you move to a right had corner. If I go to it from the start menu (haha what a joke that is not a start menu, I mean metro) it just tells me that "start can not send to any devices" Considering it is right above the settings option I would have assumed it was something like the devices and printers option in 7, but I was wrong.

Ok, played with it a little more and yes this could be used as a touch based OS, but it is not a usable desktop/notebook OS. The metro UI and the no actual start menu, is just terrible.

So I noticed that when I go to the right hand side it has to be one of the corners for the menu to show. And if you pick settings from there, the options it shows you are based off of what app you have open at the time.

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
I agree Task Manager IS an improvement. Let me try a Pro/Enterprise preview instead of consumer and I'll really give you my opinion.
That is something I agree with. The thing that really worries me is that Microsoft are insisting that Metro is perfectly fine for keyboard and mouse. Really all it would take is a option when installing asking if you are putting it on a touch based machine or not. If it is then metro, if not then actual desktop with actual start menu.
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