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My System Specs


Ok, so I have put this on an older hp tablet I had sitting around.

First impressions: Complete and utter crap

Seriously, what a joke this stupid metro is. Ok, so right off of the bat the calibration for the pen on this thing was way off, so what would I do in the past? I would go to control panel and get the pen/touch support options and calibrate it. And yes you do the same thing here, except one little issue, I couldn't find how to get to the control panel. Nothing in the Metro UI, so I go to the desktop, well there is nothing there either. Since there is no start menu I can't even find a run command to get to it that way. So how did I do it? I right clicked and went to personalize. In there was a like to control panel home. What a farce, I know at an IT meeting a couple months ago I stood up and said there is no way we will have this on our machines, of course some will because of people buying new notebooks and such, but unless the enterprise edition is drastically different and tosses metro where it belongs (the garbage), I just don't see how I could ever give this to one of our users.

I'll post more as I look around it, but I know one thing, I will not be changing personally. I will stay with win 7.

Oh there is one thing I do lilke about win8, that is the task manager, it is better than what we have in win7 and better laid out.
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