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Originally Posted by Mars View Post
As far as I can tell, the major problem is how you're forced to the new start screen any time you want to launch an app that isn't on the task bar - this is fixed rather easily by a third party application launcher. I had the same problem when I started using Mac OS, and am now quite happy using Quicksilver to launch apps; I'm assuming there must be a Windows equivalent available.
The thing is that if they think this will be a successful consumer desktop they are sadly mistaken. They thought there was backlash from Vista? Oi.

You shouldn't need to install aftermarket software for the most part or pay a premium for a "upgraded" OS like Pro or Enterprise to get what you want.

There was enough changes going from XP to Vista in the UI to warrant frustration from new users to veteran users and the switch in Windows 8 will create the same frustration.
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