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Default why linus said in youtube "whe you running two gpu's only can use half memory"

hey guys ,
i got shocked when heard this in from linus .... ( in 7970 unboxing vid )

he exaclty said :
whe you running two gpu's in sli/cross you only able of to take advantage of half of that frame buffer ,
if you take two of this 3 gig card and run them in crossfire you would have 3 of effective memory , whereas if you took a gtx 590 and ran it in your system (it's running in sli by default ) you actualy only have 1.5 gig which is fine for single display....


i thought that if we have two 3gig cards , and when run'em in sli/cross , we have 6 gigabyte of memory for rendering graphic content ....

i put the video ( look around 4:20 )
Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 3GB Video Card Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips - YouTube

someone pls describe this law for me in detail....
and what's exacly " effective memory " ?
does this mean if we have 2 3gb card we can only use half of total volume ?
and if graphic content pass 1.5 gig ( for example 2 gig ) , do we have bad rendering quality in result ?