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Enable C1E power saving technology. BIOS set CPU voltage to -0.240V which is only 0.888V for standby and full speed.
Enter to OS Desktop - 22W

Running LinX to full speed CPU - 34W

After lower CPU voltage to 0.888V, the standby voltage is close to C1E default 0.86V.
The key is CPU full speed drops to 34W which is 20% lower. CPU temperature also goes lower. As this setup, you have to make sure your CPU can run stable.

Video Playback
Original Blue-Ray Video, Inception. The copyright belongs to publish company.
I use software PowerDVD 10.
During playing video, CPU utilization ratio is 22~35%

CPU utilization ratio is around 22~35%. For 1920 X 1080 HD video, it can play smoothly.
G530 built-in Intel HD Graphics CPU utilization ratio is not as low as HD 2000 or HD 3000, however, Intel entry platform is capable for HD video playback now.

In the market, there is G540, but I prefer to use G620 to compare with.
The performance and spec difference are bigger. It can be your next step option.
Itís just one year. Intel entry PC cost drops almost 30%.
Itís all due to Pentium and Celeron Sandy Bridge CPU appears.
Also H61 MB competition, DDR3 and DVD-ROM price dropping, it makes users can have more powerful system in lower budget.

If you change the HDD to 500G, plus DVD-ROM and Case, the cost is around 353USD.
In this guide, I would like to have both performance and quality, so some components are more high end/
If you have budget concern, you can use DDR3 1333 4GB and none APFC 350W PSU.
The cost will drop to 300USD. It will be the more entry Intel PC.

It takes me around one week to finish this test. There are many brands in the market.
You can adjust the spec by your requirement, budget and favorite brands.
One day, if the 3D performance is not enough, you can just add an external VGA card to enhance it.

2012 is 12th anniversary of windwithme.
I started this as passion and keep it till now. I will be always a neutral editor.
I hope my review can be the complete guide to all users.
Itís holiday season for building new PC. I hope this review is valuable for your reference.
If I get time, I will share AMD entry PC. Wish all best to you. :)

This article is also in my blog WIND3C, Any comments are welcome.
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