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1280 X 720 => 350

Monster Hunter Frontier => 1312

Improved 3D performance and HD video playback are key features for LGA 1155 platform. You can see the obvious progress.
G530 and G620 both use Intel HD Graphics, but G530 3D performance is 22~30% lower. This is the key difference of these two CPUs.

Intel HD Graphics OC to 1200MHz
StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1280 X 720 => 28.63 FPS

1280 X 720 => 408

Monster Hunter Frontier => 1538

Pulling high GPU clock 20%, the 3D performance improves 15~17%. Itís better than nothing.
If you need higher 3D performance, you better to choose G620 or G840.
If you are playing 3D games, you better to have individual graphics card.

Temperature (Room Temp. is around 19 degree C)
Enter to OS Desktop - 26

Running LinX to full speed CPU - 33

ADIA64 temp is not so accurate. Sometimes, standby and full speed are similar.
Changing to GIGABYTE Touch BIOS software, itís more accurate.
G530 standby and full speed only 7 degree C difference. Even using hand to touch CPU surface, the heat is low.
G530 and LGA 1156 dual core CPU are both 32nm, but the temp still keeps improving.

Power Consumption
Enable C1E power saving technology. CPU standby 0.86V, full speed 1.08V
Enter to OS Desktop - 22W

Running LinX to full speed CPU - 42W

OCCT Power Supply test (CPU/GPU Full Speed) - 53W

G530 3D performance is far behind G620. However, the power consumption is better.
Standby is only 22W and CPU/GPU full speed is only 53W. Power saving capability is Desktop No.1 so far.
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