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Power Supply
I use SEED V12 400W. V12 and L12 series are SEED new mainstream product line.
This price is around 53USD.

V12 is 80Plus Cooper Certificate. Itís more power saving than L12.
APFC structure with special design shell looks very good quality.
If all cables are wrapped by black plastic, it will be even better.

V12 provides two USB chargers. Itís very convenient for mobile devices power charging.
If your budget is limited, you can useL12 400W, the price is lower.
I think MTBF is also important, so I prefer to use better Power Supply.

Due to Thailand serious flood last year, HDD price went up a lot.
Recently, the price is lower. However, itís still much higher than original price.
Many users use 2.5Ē USB HDD to replace as the price is stable.
This is also a way to save money. I use TOSHIBA 2.5Ē 750GB to test.

Many users have higher confidence performance of Intel brand.
The combination above is not absolute. You also can go for lower spec. one if your performance requirement is not high.
Of course, if you have higher requirement, you can choose higher spec.
Base on your requirement, budget and favorite brands to pick up own combination is the most fun in DIY PC.

BIOS Screen
Main BIOS Tuning Menu, called M.I.T.

CPU ratio can lower. G530 DDR3 options are 800 and 1066MHz.
Integrated Graphics clock can be higher to increase IGP 3D performance.

DRAM Features

Advanced setup, I set it as CL5 6-5-18 1T to enhance bandwidth.
I also tried other entry DDR3 1333, but cannot run well in above CL.

Voltage Page
Dynamic Vcore(DVID) -0.320~ +0.640V
Graphics DVID -0.200~+4.80V
DRAM Voltage 1.100~2.400V

I set GPU shared memory to 480MB+2MB.

PC Health Status

G530 C/P value is quite good for non-OC users.
For higher performance requirement, you can change by your demand.
H61M-S2PV can be OC to enhance GPU performance and lower CPU voltage to save power.
BIOS is still not UEFI, but traditional interface is faster and more stable.

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