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Default Thinner vs. thicker tubing.

Right now the only things in my loop are my cpu block and a single 120 rad, I'm using 1/4" ID 3/8" OD tubing and it keeps it cool enough. I will be upgrading soon and I was wondering if I should use thicker tubing or keep my current tubing, and what the pros/cons would be for each.

It seems like thinner tubing would have a much higher flow rate but take less heat off the CPU. While thicker would have a slower flow rate but take more heat away. I was wondering if that is true and which one would be better suited to cool a system with:

AMD Phenom IIx4 3.3ghz (always changing the OC)
single 120 radiator
dual 120 radiator
Radeon 6950 (maybe crossfire in the future if the cards get cheap enough)

Open to suggestions on what to change/add as well.
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