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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
argh. You must have bad eyes as movies are much clearer, reading/web surfing is much more enjoyable.

Not to mention the Asus Transformer Prime TF701 can play games at 1080P just fine. I hate the iPad 2's current resolution as I think it is garbage compared to current android tablets.

I also don't think Apple will release a 1080P tablet as no iTunes media is above 1280 x 720.

According to MacRumors, they have confirmation that the next generation iPad will have a retina display with four times the pixels (2048 x 1536) of the current iPad2.

Grabbed that off a site from a quick search.

Current resolution is...

1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)

Galaxy 10.1 resolution is...

1280x800 at 149dpi

The Galaxy is a touch bigger so the resolution figures aren't noticably different.

The dpi is about 10% higher.

'Garbage compared to current Android Tablets'? Is the Galaxy 'current'? If so, I see a marginal benefit. I don't see 'garbage'.

Sounds like the usual Apple-hate.

Edit: 'Current' is a bit vague, but the Galaxy came out 4 months or something later than the ipad with a slight improvement. Both could now be considered current. Newest Asus came out last month (more or less) and that falls into 'Latest'. New iPad is set for March release, with another improvement in display res, quite a bit higher again. I'd also call this 'Latest' (unless the moment that something better comes along, everything else is considered 'out of date', which just seems silly)

The iPad3 is confirmed to have high res retina display, regardless of the iTunes limitations which will likely be upgraded with new technology from the iPads and phones.

As far as the initial question, I like better resolution :) In fact the more it's scales the finer the details look. I have pretty good eyesight, so I can see the details pretty well. It's nice to see them improve.

I like the cold...

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