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My System Specs


High res = better fonts when websites are zoomed out, better fonts when websites are zoomed in. It also provides for a better textbook experience which is being pushed HUGE by Apple.

No one likes reading grainy fonts. People complain about how AG coating makes text on their shiny new 27" 2560x1440 LCD look terrible.

Chances are Apple is just going to scale websites to fit on a "retina" iPad as if it was still running 1024x768.
Don't worry about power for gaming. Apple is not going to release a half-assed product matching a slow GPU to a high res screen.

People thought DVD is fine and that we don't need BluRay. People think Bluray is fine and we don't need 2K res.

FWIW I have a HP Touchpad and hate the grainy fonts. My Playbook's 7" 1024x600 is much more crisp and pleasant to read from.
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