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Default Please tell me the point of a retina screened ipad

I've been thinking. My 1080p screened laptop shows a lot more than my old 1280x800 laptop of the same size. The thing is, the iphone just gained definition, there wasnt any more information actually being displayed. Icons were scaled, graphics were scaled. Sure it was prettier but no real gains apart from the shinyness.

The ipad3 wont be any different, there wont be anymore information, infact websites will have to do overhauls to their code as otherwise youll have huge bars on each side of most text. But in the end you'll end up with the same information getting to you the same way. Just at a higher definition.

I'm also wondering how people think that that resolution is going to be powered for gaming. Its rumored to be much higher than most high end monitors even which require multiple 500 dollar cards to run (exaggeration but you get the point). Where exactly is that horsepower coming from, the chips in these things are impressive but they are not that impressive yet.

People want it, its apple so people will pay through the nose for it, but why do we want it. I find my Touchpad quite satisfactory at that size. Why do we need higher than 1080p on a tablet, the route android is going. Why? Does it even make sense for them to.
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