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I was playing my flight sim for an hour today in surround which pushes all 4 GPUs to 100% constantly.

It pushed the GPU core temps to 61c and water temp to 51c out of the GPUs and 47c after cooling in the radiators. This was after 1 hour. The CPU wasnt much better at 42c after CPU and 40c after cooling.

Ambient temp in my room is about 28c at the moment.
CPU idles at 40c with 35c water & peaks at 75c with 40c water
GPUs idle at 34c with 34c water & peaks at 61c with 47c water

The system was rock solid and stable drawing a constant 1800Ws from the PSU's during that time.

You should have felt the hot air coming out the exhaust fans! Almost as hot as factory GPU air coolers when on max load! Ambient temp in my room went up to about 32c.

Also did a proper noise level test at ear height (sitting next to it) and the system makes 36dbA at idle and 46dbA at full noise. A few people asked a while ago and I didnt have a meter capable of going below 50dbA.. I bought the most expensive iphone App ive ever seen! Signal Scope Pro for $80. So there you have it.

Subjectively that means it sounds about twice as loud under full load compared to idle but it's actually pretty tolerable really!
Oh and it's barely liftable at 52Kgs!!! (114 pounds)

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