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Company Name: Asus
Product: P8Z68-V Pro
Warranty Period: 3 yrs
Date purchased: May 2011
Date RMAed: Obtained case number online Feb 22, then called immediately to explain the situation and get an RMA number. The Asus website didn't make it clear that I had to call myself instead of waiting for a call back. Because I already entered all my personal info online, I avoided having to spell it out over the phone. Which was a good thing, because the call quality was terrible. But the gentleman I spoke to over the phone was very professional and no-nonsense, acknowledged I had correctly troubleshoot the mobo and RMA was the next step. Call including being on hold was 19 minutes.
Where it was sent to: Markham, Ontario
Ease of RMA: 9
Any extra fees?: Shipping at my expense
Wait time: Shipped out Xpresspost Feb 23, Depot received RMA on Feb 24, Replacement mobo with new serial number shipped out Feb 28.
Details: I bricked the mobo by innocently changing the order of boot devices in UEFI EZ-Mode (no joke!) and it would hang on boot at the VGA_LED; POST would not complete, could not get back into UEFI, no amount of CMOS resets, battery pulling, or praying was going to fix it. Found somebody else online who did the same thing.

Update March 2 2012: Asus RMA status page said my repair was complete on Feb 28 and I got an email the same day saying that my item had shipped, but there was no tracking info included. I called the Markham office on March 1 when I still hadn't received my package, and they told me it wasn't uncommon not to have tracking information included in correspondence. They had no clue where my package was but said they ship via Purolator Ground, and if I didn't get the package by Mar 2 to call them again. On the morning of March 2, tracking number was finally posted to the RMA status page because - Asus was waiting for the shipments to pile up before calling Purolator Ground for a pickup. At 5pm on a Friday.

Received package Tuesday AM after I went to the depot to pick it up after a delivery attempt on Monday.

Satisfaction: 10 For the RMA itself, 6 for the return shipping (and not Purolator's fault). Average score 8

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