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Default What headset would be best for me?

Ok my old head set i have been using( - Cyber Snipa CSHSSO01 USB Connector Circumaural Sonar 5.1 Headset) broke today and it broke where the ear piece swivels(i think i have a big head and put extra strain on that point,cause the one before that broke in the same place)i looked at the page and it says it had a 1-Year Limited Warranty,but when i called the support phone number listed on the page it said something about campus submission,so i think the company went out of business,so no getting it fixed,i am currently borrowing the headset from my xbox( - Turtle Beach X12 XBOX 360 Headset)but it's not all that great,plus i want to go back to using it on my xbox.

So i need to get a new headset,and would like some suggestions,but here are my requirements,it must have a mic,i would prefer 5.1 or 7.1,but will do with stereo if need be,i perfer the Circumaural type headsets,i want one that is comfortable my old head set was barly to small and it pressed on my ear and it would hurt after a while,and my ears barly fit in my X12's,my budget would be at MOST $150,but would rather not spend that unless i have to to get a good headset,and last i want one that will last a long time for someone with a big head,cause at first i used 20$ logitech headset,and they would last a long time,but their sound was horrible,the i got a pair of turtle beach Z1's and they lasted barly 2 months,and this last headset broke after 5 1/2 months.

If it helps my current sound card is the onboard sound on my Sabertooth 990FX motherboard.

Also i am posting this same post to a few different sites so i can get a lot of suggestions.

thank you guys for the help.
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