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Originally Posted by geoc View Post
I like how everybody on the forum here praises when a new high res monitor comes into the market, but if the company in question is Apple, suddenly 768p or 900p is superior to 1800p and any higher res is stupid.

Come on people, there is text, font and size scaling integrated in to modern OSes. If you're going to hate, don't just blindly hate.
Most people praising higher resolutions on monitors are either gamers or people who do some sort of design work, also these higher resolutions normally come one 30" monitors.

The reason most are mocking this, imo, is that there is not a single or sli mobile video card that will run this well for gaming or rendering making it totally useless, since that is what this kind of screen is mainly intended for. Sure you can scale down the resolution but at how much this screen is probably going to cost that's a waist of alot of money just to make it look a bit smoother if at all. A 30" monitor with lower res runs around 1000, so I can't imagine what apple will charge for a smaller screen with a way higher resolution. By the time apple is done with this it will probably cost more than a boutique laptop, but have a fancy screen and 1 video card instead of sli or xfire and a lower end I7 cpu. I will be totally amazed if the laptop this screen gets stuck in is anywhere close to 2500 just going by the basic price of a 17" MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 17"
2.4GHz quad-core
Intel Core i7
<LI class=description>4GB 1333MHz <LI class=description>750GB 5400-rpm1<LI class=description>Intel HD Graphics 3000 <LI class=description>AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 1GB GDDR5 <LI class=description>Built-in battery (7 hours)2
  • In Stock
  • Free Shipping
  • $2,499.00
You have got to be kidding me. Add 4GB ram for the low price of $210, at this price it should already have 8GB of ram along with a 7200 rpm drive($50 option), also for 250 you can upgrade to a 2.5Ghz cpu. With this screen with will be 3000+ easy. You can buy 2-3 equivalent notebooks for this, but school boards around here think it's a great use of tax payers money to buy these things and have few computers for students.

I've played around with some peoples macs and they do somethings pretty nice and if they didn't price gouge so much I may consider getting one but, most people who I know who have bought macs are because "they never break" and "never get spyware/virus infected" and are finding out other wise.

It's not blind hate, it's practicality and getting bang for your buck.
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