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Originally Posted by snksnk View Post
thanks everyone for your reply.. just to clarify, the price range is without the hdd.. for the actual os setup i was thinking of a 32or 64gb ssd.
its essential for me to make this setup with hot swap and i think liquid cooled will be best
because of the substantial noise reduction and lower temperatures as of excessive use!
i just need a setup that can liable and trust-worthy to run 24/7.
How about something like the Synology DS1812+??? I have used Synology products in a corporate environment and personally like them. If all your doing is needing a spot to dump video this will do what you need at a greatly reduced price then your current budget before HDDs.

If you want to build something and need to reduce noise on the CPU, but be careful of air flow over the HDDs if your going for low noise levels. Hot swap bays are tightly packed and you can run hot if you don't have good airflow. Any server case you get will have fans that you can dry your hair with, so you will have to look at replacing them as well with something else. It can be done but you just have to think about keeping your drives cool.

I wouldn't suggest running a SSD for the OS in your home server, I honestly cant think of anything a home server would benefit from it. If your running some large SQL server or something that could benefit from a SSD you would burn out a consumer SSD in 6 months.

If you went with 8 2TB drives mirror 2 of them for the OS, and use the extra space as a backup of important info from your large arrays. With the other 6, you could leave them as one array, but I would be cautious about that and maybe split into 2 arrays to keep it easier to manage when the crap hits the fan.

DO not think RAID is backup, its not. You want to be able to dump/backup to something else, at least all your important stuff. My blurays I don't worry about too much because if I had to I could just rip them all again.... it would suck but I still have the disks.
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