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You can do it for ~1800 no tax or shipping or water cooling. I just quickly threw together a list of parts that I did 0 research into (to embarrassed to post this crap list, I have standards) but the exercise was price points and if you could do it.
  • If you have to have hot swap you will be paying 200-250 for the case(maybe save some coin and get a cheaper case)
  • Get a cheaper motherboard ~120 will get you a full ATX board with on-board video. Get a full ATX for PCI Express slots, if you move to a larger case down the road you can throw extra RAID controllers and duel NIC cards at it easily.
  • For this to work you have to stay under 200 for the RAID controller. Promise Fasttrak TX8660 is sub $200
  • Even with a software controller any current cpu will be fast enough to run a 8 drive setup.
  • This doesn't cost anything but I would suggest running two 4 drive arrays in RAID 5. There is no technical reason really to do this, but if an array is dying its nice to be able to dump data from one array to the other.
  • Past that by the time you add hard drives, ram, power supply of your choice you will be up to 1800-1900 pretty easily

honestly I would suggest waiting if you can, HDD prices are stupid still, and if your throwing say 8 drives at something that adds up. Don't water cool your server, you have a home server to be stable and for your budget you will be running a 45 watt cpu, its a pointless exercise.

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