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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
No because like I said they still want you to have EXPERIENCE and no offense at 16 or 17 your going to lack the experience people look for and I'm not talking just work ethics I'm talking maturity levels and such.
Ohhh alright,, I see what you mean. (and I was talking about when I get outta high school but it still applies)
I have also thought about starting a business around here cause where I live, I know of few just computer repair stores,,, or I have heard of people that a friend told me about, that literally lives off of money from making custom computers over the web,, I know it might take some money to get started but it still is an option,, and anyways I still have a couple years to figure where I wanna go and what I want to do.
Thanks for the feedback, too, BWSKILLZ

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