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Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
Since alot of places like a certificate or some sort of credential, you could always try and challenge the A+ exam. I had a look through an A+ textbook a couple years ago and its mostly about hardware and the windows OS and some basic networking IIRC. The hardware is easy as hell, maybe some of the older windows OS stuff you'd need to look at, but I think A+ certification is probably fairly easy for a computer/tech hobbyist to challenge. (Sitting through the course would be a waste of time if you already know a fair bit)

Theres also Cisco certification for networking. (CCENT, CCNA, CCPRO-something or other,) These would give you certification to manage/setup cisco networks

Possible jobs: comp shop, helpdesk @ a college, IT place, network person, pc repair, start your own business?
Honestly tho.. Look at the A+ course outline and its so outdated unless they have done some recent revisions.
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