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Originally Posted by bwskillz View Post
You probly don't get questions like this alot but,,,
So I am 16, and I am already sure I am going into the computer industry,, so I went to my guidance counselor, of course he didn't know specific fields or positions, etc. So I decided to go to someone that is actually in the computer industry,,, you,,,(hopefully :p) and some other people,, I love working hands-on with computers and I am very familiar with them (and I finally got my parents to say yes to get me one to build :) comming in april :D) so,,, I was wondering what would be some degrees to get and/or what would good possible job positions to go for to work hands on with the latest products, or build custom pc's, etc., like some that you do in the "crazy russian labs", or like what they do at like,, I know it might be a slim chance to get a job like that when I get out of schooling, but hey, its something to shoot for right?

thanks, BWSKILLZ
I've been doing this for well over 15 years and have no schooling whatsoever and it was all self taught through various means.

I would say find shops who would just accept you but your going to need some experience regardless. Certificates and schooling means jack squat these days unless you can back it up. I can run circles around people with A+ Certification which is a fairly industry wide sought after certificate.

From there its just a matter of going where you might be interested.
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